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Does anyone have crash space? [Apr. 4th, 2011|06:42 pm]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community

I might be losing the place i am staying at now ...i had to move here after the in january i don't have any place to go to , i need crash space for awhile , i have income , tho not enough to get my own place, and i am in the process of getting into a school...if anyone has any ideas please email me and let me know.
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[FC2011] Rate of Change update: Room number [Jan. 12th, 2011|04:32 pm]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community

Rate of Change (see announcement) will be in room 1914.

The year World War I started. Not very auspicious. We'll all have to wear extra padding to compensate!

I will be in and out of the hotel this evening setting stuff up, so the room won't actually be open until tomorrow morning for breakfast at 9:30. But if there are any early birds who want supplies, let me know and we'll work something out tonight. :-)

Stay tuned for the other babyfur room, BABS, to post their room number.

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[FC2011] Rate of Change [Jan. 10th, 2011|10:54 am]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community

EDIT: Sorry if this wasn't clear -- this room is in addition to the BABS room that was previously announced. Stay tuned for more info from BABS about their room!

Hi --

The babyfur room I'm running this year at FC now has a name: "Rate of Change."

I'll post the room number here as soon as I have it, but if you're anxious to get padding or whatever as soon as possible, send a text right now to 408-480-9653 and I'll save your number, and I'll make sure to text you when the room is set up. If you need padding I'll be able to get it to you starting Wednesday night.

Details, food, schedule...Collapse )
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FC2011 [Dec. 2nd, 2010|02:03 am]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community

Hey everyone --

I'm going to take a bit of a different tack at FC this year. PACS turned into a rowdy "party" atmosphere last year, which may have been some people's intent (and that's okay), but it wasn't mine.

Here"s my ideas for an as-yet-to-be-named room. (There will be a room called PACS this year, but I"m not involved in that one)Collapse )
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FC 2010: Pizza And Cub Supplies room [Jan. 6th, 2010|01:41 pm]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community
Further Confusion is coming up! We wanted to let folks know what's going to be happening at the Pizza And Cub Supplies room this year.


Pizza gathering: Friday, at 7 PM. Please come hungry!

Please do also come back around 10:30 AM on Saturday morning for a breakfast of coffee and pastries. Flarecat will have some DVDs available if people want to make it a classic "Saturday morning cartoons" experience, or we can just hang out.


In between events, we'll try to make the room available as much as possible for just hanging out. If you're bored, stop by!


We will do our absolute best to make adequate quantities of diapers and diapering supplies available for anyone who wants them, throughout the con. If you want padding, come get it. If you knock and nobody answers the door, call Tamino's cell phone (408-480-9653).

Policies, etc...Collapse )

See you there!!
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Furrys of Georgia! [Jul. 20th, 2009|01:06 pm]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community
[Current Location |Macon, Georgia]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |Violent J- Homies 2 smoke with]


G'day Mates! Just your friendly albino dingo here, extending a paw out to the community for some damn good fun!
Lately, I've been feeling rather homesick.
I dearly miss the outback with all my heart.
So In lieu of plane tickets and passports; I decided to go with the next best thing!
I am considering a furry meet, greet, and eat at the Dawsonville Kangaroo Conservation Center!
All's I need now is your support to make this happen!

Tickets are pre-ordered on their website and the pricing is as follows:

                                                 Adult   $30.00 (age 18+)

                                                 Senior $28.00

                                                  Child   $23.00 (age 5-17)

Now, they are only open 9am-5pm and I would much rather this be on a saterday so that all may attend with ease. We will probably have to get there kind of early, too.

Oh and don't think I am a local of Dawsonville either! I have to drive just as far as you do, possibly more, coming from macon or marietta. I just thought it would be a nice outlet for us all to get away from the city life and such and go out of our way for a great cause!

Lets make this a trip to remember!
Post any ideas, comments, and concerns here or give me an email!

Your Dingo,
<input ... ></input><input ... >
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[San Francisco Bay Area local] Revels [Oct. 8th, 2008|07:29 pm]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community
Hi -- tfbaxxter said it was ok to post local-interest-only announcements here, so I'm doing just that. :-) This is a copy of a message I sent to the mailing list. San Francisco Bay Area locals, read on...Collapse )
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Some thoughts about Clorophyll [Jul. 7th, 2008|06:06 pm]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community

Every so often the subject of Chlorophyll comes up in our circles, usually in question to it's effectiveness.  I have some observations I think worth sharing/confirming.

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In response to everybody in this community [Jul. 3rd, 2008|11:53 am]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community

[Current Mood |blahblah]

DISCLAIMER: This video isn't targeted at anybody in particular, nor was it posted with the intent to hurt anyone. The people responsible for the publication and linkage of this video takes no responsibility whatsoever in the harm it may have caused or may cause in the future but apologize nonetheless in case anybody gets offended anyway.
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Mailing list [Jun. 30th, 2008|02:50 pm]
Babyfur LiveJournal Community

AltBabyfur is a new mailing list for babyfurs. I'm setting it up as an experiment; I don't know whether it will catch on or not.

I decided to try this experiment because I believe that: Simple is better than complicated.

Livejournal is a complex beast. To use the babyfur group you have to have a Livejournal account; not everyone has one or wants one (maybe they prefer insanejournal, or facebook). To post or read messages you have to log into Livejournal and keep hitting reload. Livejournal as a whole has lots of features and idiosyncrasies that sometimes get in the way of plain, ordinary communication.

Mailing lists are simple and traditional. They don't require your allegiance to a particular social networking site. They don't require you to click reload or even to use a web browser. Posts are delivered to you in real time as they are sent.

There is also a culture that has grown up around mailing lists. They can bring out both the best and the worst in people -- over the long haul, I think, more often the best than the worst. I do not think that this culture can be duplicated by a Livejournal group or a web-based message board.

So, welcome! I have no idea what's going to happen :-) It's an experiment -- let's find out.

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